Lalio’s Weigh In

10 11 2010

Well all my hard work and high motivation worked a treat this week and not only did I get last weeks gain straight back off but I topped it with an extra 2.5 on top of that, so 9 LBS OFF!! \o/

I am 3lbs away from my 3 stone SW sticker, 1 pound away from my 3.5 stones altogether and 2 lbs away from 50 off altogether, which give me that extra determination to continue to do well over the next couple of weeks.  Needless to say I am smiling rather widely 😀



7 11 2010

As expected my motivation has been high this week, and as such I am now back down to my pre London weight and I have 3 days to see how much more I can lose on top. I am focused and it is going to happen, but my question is what is it that changes in motivation that makes some weeks easy like this and other weeks a no go.

I have had weeks, usually after other good weeks where I have come out of SW fully riled up determined to be SotW the next week, I know that if I do what I have been doing this week it will happen.  I daydream about it and envisage how good it will feel to make that achievement and I want it, I really really want it, but for some reason I just can’t help but chucked food in my mouth.  I am wondering if it starts from what I described in my last post as “free-for-all Wednesday” it’s weigh day so that day doesn’t count, I have a week to reverse any damage done anyways right?  That may well be true if it were just a simple case of getting straight back on things afterwards, but it doesn’t take a week to reverse the mental damage that one day a week – I’d say binge but it isn’t really a binge it is more just eating the wrong things rather then huge amounts – free-or-all.

Some of it I can put down to lack of planning, this week for example I have everything planned out. I even have a little bit of flexibility for those days when hunger is strong like yesterday. Whereas other days I might go on a ravenous rampage of everything instant in the cupboard, yesterday I had an emergency plan and it worked.  If I knew the secret I suppose I’d sell it because I know I am not alone I am one of hundred, thousands of people that crave nothing more then losing weight but our cravings for the things that made ourselves this way in the first place seem to be stronger.

Mixed Bag

4 11 2010

So good news or bad news, let’s start with bad as it’s only temporary. After a lovely and long weekend in London I weighed in on Wednesday Morning with a 6.5 lbs gain 😦 However I did walk away with the October Slimmer of the Month prize and was very happy to do so!  😀

I only got back home on Tuesday afternoon so didn’t have a chance to do any damage limitation, and I am pretty perplexed on how I manage to put so much weight on in such a short period of time.  I know that a lot of it is probably down to water retention, I did eat quite a bit of bread that usually results in a bloated me, but all in all I didn’t eat that much.  We even went to Soho for Dim Sum which usually ends up in my stuffing myself until I can’t move and instead I came out satisfied but not full.  In the past I have binged and eaten much much more and I know that if I continued to eat as I have over the past few days it would not result in me gaining half a stone a week.  As a result I have got straight back on plan yesterday, even though Wednesday is often a day I decided doesn’t count, I know I am not alone here many people treat their weigh in day as a free for all.  The result is that I stepped on the scales this morning and I am 2.5lbs down already.  I am looking to repeat my success from last time and not only lose the bit that I’ve gained but some more on top taking me down to an all time low, doing it once means I can do it again!

I know that I have not lost as much or as quickly as others but for me I have realised that I need to assess my own achievements without comparing myself to others, and I have come a long way so far since starting this blog.  In the past I would have taken this gain as a sign to give up the diet and regain everything and a bit more for luck, but now it just spurs me on to do better.  I had a great weekend and I enjoyed myself why scar that memory with guilt?

It’s been quiet around this blog

28 10 2010

But that is because things have pretty much stayed the same. No change down, minor weight gain that went away within 3 days etc etc.
But, I’m just posting to remind myself that I want to keep this blog alive, and to tell whoever is popping in here once in a while that the blog will remain quiet for another week, as I’m meeting up with Lalio again – this time in London. Really looking forward to more holidays and a great time. Catch you all in November! 🙂

Why Chinese Food Is Good For Me

18 10 2010

So on Saturday afternoon a couple of friends of mine and I decided to go to a Chinese restaurant in town, that had opened only recently. And by recently, I mean in the last year or so, but okay. Turns out they have decent food – a slightly overpriced buffet, which had a selection of the usual Chinese/Thai-like dishes that can be found in the Western World, but where you could also pick pieces of more exotic meat like kangaroo, shark and the likes and they’ll prepare it fresh – but the atmosphere was rather horrible. Imagine a place that can fit 200-300 people, without any proper room dividers, packed with children and people that were either inebriated or simply in a good mood. Noise, lot’s of noise.

Oh well, I enjoyed the food – and thought I enjoyed it way too much, as in “had several plates full of food”, also had an unnamed number of beers on said evening. Dreading the scales I avoided them on Sunday, but not really thinking about things I stepped on them this morning, half asleep. And to my surprise, 121.0 was showing, a new all time low since, what, 2004. Ten days to go, and the target I set myself for in ten days is only just about 2 pounds away. So close!

It’s on again!

13 10 2010

So the letter was sent to the wrong people which means my class is staying exactly as it has always been, and it means Slimmer of the Month is back in my sights! Especially as I lost another 3.5lbs this week taking the total so far up to 12.5lbs for the month!! I also got my 2.5 stone award and Slimmer of the Week, and my total weight loss stands at 3 stone 3 pounds. Happy Days 😀

2.5 Stone Lost!Slimmer of the Week!

Diet Crossroads

12 10 2010

My ambitions of receiving October Slimmer of the Month are short lived, the good news is that it is not from my side of things, I am still on track for a loss tomorrow. I received a letter from Slimming World today which opened with the words “Fantastic News” which I can tell you was ironic lol. There is a new consultant starting at our group on 27th October, which was a bit of a surprise given that my current consultant has said nothing, and was last week even talking about her plans for us at Christmas. This in itself isn’t bad news, a new consultant with fresh ideas and a new perspective could do wonders for members stuck in a rut. However, reading down the letter, it seems they are cancelling the class I currently attend at 10am and moving it to 7:30pm instead, a time I cannot attend.

So now I am stuck wondering what to do. Try to find a different SW class to attend, looking at another class option such as Weightwatchers/Rosemary Conley or do I decide that I am confident enough to go it alone? I am swayed to try and go it alone, as I won’t really be alone thanks to Poggels and all the lovely people that leave nice comments here, and for the past few months I have really been following my own plan. After all if a few weeks down the line I am finding it a struggle to stay motivated all I have to do is to join a new class, and in the mean time I can save myself a fiver a week. I am interested to see if I can stand on my own two feet, especially as last night Poggels and I finally set a date for me moving to Germany (14th July 2011 OMG) and I would have to leave group then anyways.